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Delivering a superior loan application experience, the new ApplyOnline user interface makes loan submissions better to get your customers into their dream home faster.

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The next evolution in quality and efficiency

Completing home loan applications has never been easier. We’ve completely revamped our UI to maximise ease of use, responsiveness and visibility.


Faster response times

With our real-time lender policy check and data validation systems in place, it’s never been faster or easier to complete new home loan applications. With built in metrics you can assess applications live against all available lenders and deliver better borrower outcomes.


More flow with less friction

We’ve simplified the overall navigation experience by removing the need to manually validate data, whilst adding an ‘auto-save’ function to significantly reduce the number of ‘clicks’ and overall manual effort required, prior to lodgement.


More visibility and control

With a new interactive ‘To Do’ list, you’ll always know exactly what to do next. We’ve overhauled the tab navigation and summary tab so with a single click you can access and respond to any part of the application, reducing reworks and saving time.

We’ve added a list of new and improved enhancements to smooth out the loan application process, including:

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    Modernised user interface for a better user experience
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    Greater visibility of application data for faster navigation
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    More in-built validation tools and ‘type-ahead’ functionality for faster onboarding
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    Real-time assessment and auto-verification for increased efficiencies
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    Streamlined trust and bridging capture
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    Additional compliance warnings and guidance popups for enhanced control
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    Instant load tabs to maximise responsiveness

Check out our video tour and preview the upgrade for yourself.

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Explore the new UI

With our new look, more information is at your fingertips and readily available.

Real-time assessment and auto-verification of data means you don’t have to do it yourself. With ‘always on’ metrics and lender policy built in, you’ll get immediate feedback on application data entered, saving you valuable time.

Work faster and see more with improved navigation and the new ‘to do’ feature. With a single click you can access any part of the application and respond to lender-identified data and business rule requirements.

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With a cleaner and more comprehensive view of the entire application in one view, the new Summary tab gives you greater control of the application prior to submission and reduces reworks.

Less lag, faster input, and smoother functioning are all a part of our system performance improvements. No matter how fast you work, the new ApplyOnline will match your speed.

Frequently Asked Questions for Brokers

When will I be able to use the new version of ApplyOnline for all lender applications?

We are progressively upgrading more lenders each month, with all lenders available in the new version of ApplyOnline by December 2024.

What version will applications in progress open in?

At this time, all applications in progress (submitted or not) will remain in the version they were created in. Applications in the previous version are still available to edit and submit in the previous version unless a lender has disabled submissions in the previous version of ApplyOnline.

Can I return to the previous version of ApplyOnline when in an application?

While the new UI provides an enhanced user experience that makes packaging an application that satisfies the lender’s policy and data requirements easier than ever, we know that sometimes change takes a little getting used to. That's why we've given users the option to revert to the previous version if they experience any issues completing an application. As we transition to the new version of ApplyOnline, the ability to revert to the previous version of ApplyOnline will progressively be disabled.

Can I capture variation applications in the new version of ApplyOnline?

Variation applications are not yet available in the new version of ApplyOnline and will need to be captured in the previous version of ApplyOnline. For those lenders that provide the option to convert a new application to a variation application, the user will be taken back to the current version of ApplyOnline when they click the ‘Convert’ button.

How to look for the best suitable product and add them to the application?

The new version of ApplyOnline features a new version of our product selector. The new product selector allows you to filter a lender’s product on its primary purpose, repayment type and rate type allowing for faster, more intuitive product selection.

What do I do if I am stuck and need some help?

For more information on the new version of ApplyOnline, including technical support and rollout details, please contact your aggregator support team. You can also access training resources via the ‘Learn’ menu in ApplyOnline, or register to attend one of our regular training webinars.

If I clone an application in ApplyOnline, what version will the new application open in?

At this time, if a user clones an application it will open in the latest version of ApplyOnline available for that lender. This means that if a lender has the new version of ApplyOnline available, a cloned application will open in the new version.

What does 'Switch to the new ApplyOnline' mean?

As we transition to the new version of ApplyOnline, we will enable the ability for users to convert their pipeline applications in the previous version to the new version. Selecting 'Switch to the new ApplyOnline' will convert the application and all application data to the new format within seconds.

When will applications in the previous version of ApplyOnline no longer be accepted?

As we transition to the new version, we will progressively disable the ability to submit applications in the previous version of ApplyOnline. Users will be notified in the weeks leading up to the change and will be given the opportunity to convert their application to the new format where they can continue to edit and submit their application. Once submissions are no longer allowed, the 'submit' button will no longer appear on pipeline applications in the previous version of ApplyOnline. The user must select the 'Switch to the new ApplyOnline' option to convert the application in order to submit it.

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We're here to help

Need some extra support getting the hang of the new version? No problem. We have regular webinars available so you can make the most out of your new experience — and significantly boost your performance.

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